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Why Butch?
Butch can make your pets happier, more energy, greater enjoyment from meal time, better smelling breath and coat, new lease on life, marked improvement with skin conditions, clean and pleasant to feed. These are just a few of the comments we frequently get from our customers.
Butch selected fresh beef, lamb and chicken is collected from NZFSA licensed establishments daily and is processed within hours. Factory is licensed by NZFSA, whose officers frequent visits ensure all preparation, cooking, processing, packing and procedures meet their exacting requirements.
Butch make with NO SUGAR, NO WHEAT, NO GLUTEN, NO YEAST, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS and LOW SALT, it should be one of the best selection for your pets.
Are Butch products suitable for all the life stages of my pet?
The nutritional requirements of a pet will vary at different life stages (i.e., growing animal, adult animal, pregnant animal and lactating animal). Most Butch products have been formulated to cover the nutritional requirements of all stages of an animal's life (check individual product wrappers).
Do Butch products contain Ethoxyquin?
No. Butch products do not contain Ethoxyquin.
How can I prevent plaque build-up on my pets teeth?
Plaque forms naturally and continuously. Plaque is deposition of food debris and bacteria. The build-up of plaque contributes to bad breath, periodontal disease (infection of the teeth and gums) and eventually tooth loss. In order to promote effective cleaning, the food must remain in contact with the teeth and gums. Unlike dry pet food, which shatters into small pieces, Butch surrounds the teeth and gums and contains finely ground bone which gently cleans your pets teeth as they chew.
Can my cat eat dog food?
A dog can be fed with cat food. A cat however, has extra requirements of some nutrients. Unless the pet food has been formulated to cover the nutritional requirements of both species, like Tasti Dinner, Ginger Tom, Meati Dinner,or Blue Label cats cannot be fed with dog food.
Why Butch use lightly cooded?
Butch rolls are lightly cooked between 80-98 Degrees Celsius for not less than 15 minutes. This not only ensures the safety of the meat but as it is cooked for only a short time it maintains the integrity of the nutrients.
Note: Canned Pet Food is cooked for over an hour at 120 C. Dry Pet Food is either baked at over 200 C or pressure-cooked at extremely high temperatures.
Why pets need Omega-3?
Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential for the development and function of the brain, immune system, reproductive tissue, retina and skin. Butch enriches its rolls with Omega-3 derived from fish oil (rather than flaxseed) as fish is a rich source of EPA and DHA fatty acids which are most bene.cial and more readily utilised by the body. Butch rolls naturally contain the correct amount of Omega-6.
Note: Cats also require another essential fatty acid called arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is only present in animal tissue. As Butch rolls are made from fresh meat they naturally supply all the arachidonic acid that cats need.





 Food For Thought
by T.J. Dunn. Jr DVM Published in April, 1995 Dog World Magazine

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